UnbridledU Courses

Each course in UnbridledU is unique in its creation and content. We offer engaging courses in management, design, workflow, communication, personal and leadership development, finance, and more! Our self-paced video lessons can help you learn a new skill or hone existing ones from anywhere. Choose a category below to get started!

Manager Leadership Development Program

This effective leadership development program will give new managers an understanding of oneself as an individual and a leader, an understanding of others, and show them how they, as leaders, can affect team culture.


Culture of Respect

This course will help you understand how our culture and values help you feel protected in regard to harassment and discrimination, as well as help you feel included and prepared as you navigate your unbridled journey.


Advocate Training

This course will review the role and expectations for 2022 Advocates. It will also include resources such as an email template to send new hires, checklist, and questions to ask your new hire.


Interviewing Candidates at Unbridled

This course will provide you with all of the information you need to successfully interview candidates at Unbridled.


Clickup – Introduction

Welcome to ClickUp! This series of introduction videos are purposefully made to get you up to speed on our project management platform, and keep you organized as we use the software for all our task-related needs.


The Unbridled Connection

This course will kick-start your Unbridled Journey! We will cover some of the foundational aspects of Unbridled and also give you a tour to some of our internal tools and ways of doing business.


Develop an Engaging UnbridledU Course

This course will provide you with the foundation you need to create your content and training materials, record your training videos, and teach in a way that increases learner engagement and retention.


Communication Training

Learn actionable strategies to enhance your communication skills so you can connect with others more effectively.


Planning Pod Training

This course provides a high level overview of how to use Planning Pod.


Microsoft OneDrive Training

This course provides an in-depth training on how to use Microsoft OneDrive.


Microsoft Teams Overview

The course provides a comprehensive overview of how to use the tools and functionality within Microsoft Teams.


Personal Finance Overview

This course is designed to give a “big picture” overview of budgeting, cutting expenses, and inspire you to be forward-thinking around saving/investing.


Services Overviews

This course provides a high level overview to Unbridled's services, offerings, and teams.