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Course Overview

Unbridled Companies and Unbridled Wealth designed this course to help you look at your personal finances and make a plan to be proactive into the future. We know that a lack of financial education can cause people to feel everything from embarrassment and insecurity to worry and crippling fear, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This informative course is designed to give a “big picture” overview of budgeting, cutting expenses, and inspire you to be forward-thinking around saving/investing. You will receive both practical and philosophical tools to weather all financial seasons and empower your financial future.



  • Address harmful mindsets about money
  • Learn tools for dealing with fear and anxiety around finances
  • Break patterns of poor spending by intentionally budgeting finances
  • Grow in the competencies of personal financial management by creating a budget
  • Learning to read, interpret, and analyze financial documents
  • Assess spending habits and implement strategies for reducing expenditures
  • Long-term financial planning insights
  • Understand long-range goals including investing in the IBS

Course Content

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